Home House Press authors and editors are available to present programs that are informative and entertaining for anyone interested in the state’s history. Most of the programs are available as lectures or PowerPoint presentations.

If you or your organization is interested in offering a program to your members and guests, please contact Home House Press.


The Civil War in South Carolina  – Published in 2010, this collection of the best articles from the South Carolina Historical Magazine illuminates the many aspects of the Civil War in our state, from the 1860 Secession Convention in Charleston to the 1865 skirmishes near Greenville that took place after the official surrenders: the battles, the homefront struggles of families, technological developments, and views of both Union and Confederate participants. Lawrence S. Rowland, Beaufort’s leading historian and former president of the South Carolina Historical Society, and Stephen G. Hoffius, the press’s managing editor, selected the articles and wrote the Introduction to this volume. They present a program of important and interesting highlights from this remarkable book.

Led on! Step by Step  – This autobiography of Episcopal priest Anthony Toomer Porter (1828-1902) was first published in 1898. Home House Press published an improved edition in 2010 with an Introduction by Thomas Tisdale. The book reveals the heroic activities of Dr. Porter in South Carolina during and after the Civil War. He witnessed the burning of Columbia in 1865, and castigated General Sherman to his face. During Reconstruction he was said to be a savior of civilization in the state as he founded churches, schools, and orphanages for both blacks and whites when they were most needed. Tisdale, the press’s publisher, is available to describe the legacy of this extraordinary man.


South Carolina and Barbados, Connections  – The first settlers of the Carolina colony arrived in 1670 from Barbados. South Carolina has been called “a colony of a colony” for the extent to which the settlement was dependent on the people and customs of Barbados. The press collected a series of articles from the South Carolina Historical Magazine about these many links, with an Introduction by Stephen G. Hoffius, the press’s managing editor. Hoffius is available to talk about the Barbados and South Carolina connections, a Charleston resident, a native of Barbados, and the Honorary Counsel of Barbados for South Carolina.