The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Magazine


Edited by Lawrence S. Rowland and Stephen G. Hoffius

ISBN: 978-0-9845580-2-5
6×9, 608 pages, paper

A collection of journal articles that covers Civil War battles and civilian activities throughout the state; relevant for every corner of the state and Civil War collections everywhere and available in a single volume only through this publication.

Some of the finest articles exploring the Civil War in South Carolina, first published in the South Carolina Historical Magazine, are collected here in a remarkable volume that stretches from the gathering for the Secession Convention in December 1860 until the upstate battles that followed the surrenders of April 1865. The articles provide both Confederate and Union viewpoints of the attack on Fort Sumter and Sherman’s March, and include studies of the technological breakthroughs and recipes on how to substitute for foods unavailable because of the Union blockade.

Every corner of South Carolina is featured in these selections because the war touched the lives of everyone, rich and poor, black and white, Union and Confederate supporters. Contributors include some of the state’s leading historians, including J. Tracy Power, Sam Stoney, J. H. Easterby, John Hammond Moore, Leah Townsend, Harlan Greene, and W. Eric Emerson.